Clock Town (Downtown Parody)

by Laura Intravia

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Happy Halloween! Check out the accompanying music video on Youtube and see with your own eyes the Hero of Time rapping his way through Termina in this Majora's Mask parody of "Downtown" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Made entirely on a budget of friendship and laughter.


I'm riding through the woods for no reason
The Hero of Time is no longer in season
And I'm like “honestly, I'd do anything for adventure”
And then somebody stole my horse!
Ooooh! A new quest!
Cast your spell, I don't need to be dressed!
I follow him til I hear the magic phrase:
“Will you help me?”
YES! For the next three days I'm down in

Clock Town! Party in the city!
Dressed up and we look real pretty.
Carnival of Time is the coolest,
miss this and you goin' look foolish.
Yo! From miles around, people riding in to check our town.
From swamp to the coast we kill it the most--
But the moon is falling and we're all toast.
No it won't fall! Will fall! Won't fall! Will fall!
Who is that new kid?

Take in the town, and I know I just scored;
Lots of people stuck in trouble or just bored.
Gormon Troupe, Stockpot, Milk Bar, Postman,
Kafei, THIS, everybody needs a hero!
But I've been doing this since 1986 and no one
Saves a lady, learns a dance, reserves a room, delivers mail,
Or pops a bubble, heals a fairy, jump attacks across a dojo like I do,
You are so lucky I got lost and fell in your clock
The moon is fallin' but nothing can stop my ballin',
I was chosen since before I was crawlin'.
You don't need a giant, you don't need a witch,
When the Hero of Time is up in this bitch!
I'm a seventeen-year-old in the body of a kid.
Rockin' lid, danger is where I am amid.
Cutting up a Dark Lord, I'm a monster slayer,
Now I think I will start with a chat with the mayor

Clock Town, Clock Town (Clock Town)
Clock Town, Clock Town (Clock Town)
This place was made for me to fix
The lives of these unlucky hicks.
Clock Town!
I have the power, know the way
Clock Town!
To mildly improve their day!
(Hey-ey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey-ey)
(Hey-ey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey-ey)
Clock Town!

I am on a quest, boy.
I don't need to rest, boy.
Take it from the best, I'm saving
Clock Town!
Settin' all the world right,
Keepin' people real tight,
I'm your shining knight down here in
Clock Town!

Cut the crap Link,
The moon is falling.
Whole world is screwed,
but you keep stalling.
Forget Bombchu,
A Heart Piece ain't gonna help you.
You a real nice guy, but it's crunch time.
We got a problem when we hear the clock chime
Because it's coming fast, we're way outclassed,
Whole ClockTown's yelling out

It's me, the L, the I-N the K,
Failing forty times shooting up the farm each day,
I gotta reset the time and just start again,
Because this is what separates the boys from men.
I will finish this quest if it takes all year.
Of course it matters, you know it's my damn career
So shut up, and trust me when I take the wheel,
I follow one rule, and it's called “happiness seal.”
He got one moon, I got three masks.
It's a big moon, but I will kick ass.
But first a journey, with lots of side quests,
Winning all the upgrades, making sure I get
They don't get how I must work.
Villagers are yelling:
“Stop the moon you dumb jerk!”
Well I'm all you got, guys, so calm yourself down.
I'd say go ask Ben, but that dumbass DROWNED!

If I only had one more hour I would give it to you, give it to you.
But I only have so much time in seventy-two, seventy-two.
I'd explain how it all works but you just won't have a clue, won't have a clue.
Now excuse me while I hit this owl statue, owl statue.

Clock Town, Clock Town (Clock Town)
Clock Town, Clock Town (Clock Town)
Born to save the world again,
I'm made of pure adrenaline
Clock Town!
(Hey-ey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey-ey)
(hey-ey-ey-ey hey-ey-ey-ey)
Say goodbye, Majora, to your dreams
Clock Town!
When I get my sword with laser beams!
Clock Town!
Like a battle cruiser,
I'm no pick and chooser,
I help ALL the losers down in
Clock Town!
I ain't no kid from next door,
I'm so very much more
Than my three foot four when I'm in
Clock Town!

He is on a quest, boy.
He don't need to rest, boy.
He is just the best, for saving
Clock Town!

Setting all the world right,
Keeping people real tight,
He's our shining knight down here in
Clock Town!


released October 30, 2015
Laura Intravia (arranger, keys)
Mike "Viking Jesus" Niemietz (guitars, bass)
Kristin Naigus (winds)
Doug Perry (agogo bells)

Nicole Intravia
Mallory Berlin
Mike Patrick
Vicky Tan
Ryan Cabral
Mike Niemietz
Doug Perry
Kristin Naigus
Matthew Intravia

Jeff Fugelsang (director, videographer)



all rights reserved


Laura Intravia New York, New York

Laura Intravia is a performer, composer and arranger. Known best for her live performances in video game music concerts such as VIDEO GAMES LIVE and POKEMON: SYMPHONIC EVOLUTIONS, she has written, arranged and performed music in a variety of genres, including classical, jazz and VGM albums, as well as for film and video games. ... more

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